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Solid waste Management

The subject of solid and liquid waste management has remained neglected in India, mainly on account of lack of priority to the subject. Paucity of funds, lack of technical knowhow, inadequate human resources, and apathy of citizens to maintain cleanliness has all contributed to reasons of inadequacy in service. Institutional weakness and lack of enforcement have added to the problems of waste management and the situation is becoming critical with the passage of time. Solid and liquid waste management has also a direct impact on tourism industry which is being aggressively promoted for economic development. It is the fact that about 0.40 kg per capita per day of municipal solid waste is generated in the urban areas. Similarly about 150 of per capita per day sewage waste is also generated.


The liquid and solid wastes generated from Urban towns, Industries including Abattoirs, Market, Agro based waste, Hospitals, Auditorium, Hotels and Restaurants, Poultry and Animal waste, Pulp and Paper mills, Sugar industry, House hold waste etc. are causing serious environmental and health problems. Solid waste are generally collected and dumped and then carried away to unauthorized landfill or composting or controlled dumping sites, thus triggering to primary, secondary and territory environmental impacts.

The solid waste generated from the Slaughter houses, Agriculture waste, Auditorium waste, Hotel and Restaurant waste, Vegetable and Fruit market waste have potential for biomethanation and energy generation which are currently wasted to large extent.

Development, operation and maintenance of centralized waste management system to tackle liquid and solid waste generated institutions and domestic is one of the difficult tasks due to technical, socio–economic and logistic constraints. Though part of domestic and institutional waste is collected and treated in a central treatment unit, major part of the domestic and institutional sewage and solid waste generated are yet to be tackled.


With a view to ensure environmentally capable and sustainable development on a clean and green demonstration projects for decentralized domestic and institutional solid waste management have been developed for demonstration and dissemination.




Garbodrain is a unique system to dispose food waste at source instantly. The product & the technology have proven technically & functionally for over two decades.

Food waste disposer is electrically operated equipment which crushes & disposes waste down the drain most HYGIENICALLY, CONVENIENTLY & SAFELY. This process eliminates the need for storage and collection of bio degradable waste & makes segregation of waste most simple & Hygiene.


Biogas technology involve the anaerobic fermentation of organic waste materials, such as animal dung, canteen waste, night soil, agricultural waste, poultry and slaughter waste, market waste in a bio reactor for 5 to 10 days. Generation of biogas is governed by its pH value, temperature, carbon-nitrogen ratio; total solid content, Hydraulic retention time and chemical induces etc. The process of anaerobic fermentation involve a series of biochemical reactions, mainly, an acidogenic phase in which the organic waste are converted mainly to acetate and the methanogenic phase in which methane and carbon dioxide are formed. The biogas so generated is a mixture of methane (65 to 70%) carbon dioxide (30-35%) and traces of hydrogen sulphide. This biogas does not contain Sulpher, so it is considered as clean and cheap fuel. A biogas provides better sanitation and hygiene. This gas can be used for thermal application and for generation of electricity.


This is an unique set up to handle Biodegradable wastes centrally at convenient location collected from group restaurants.

  • Each ECO HOUSE constructed below ground level will have BIO GAS plant to process bio waste upto 5T capacity/Day
  • Each ECO HOUSE will manage wastes from Group Restaurants located at various parts of the city
  • ECO HOUSE is simple to operate & maintain

ONLY FOOD WASTE like Vegetable, Fruit peels, Left over Food waste from the plates, Plantain leaves & Veg/Non veg wastes will be collected & delivered to ECO HOUSE for processing.


  • Bio Wastes processed at source without creating any environmental impact
  • Zero waste concept achieved in total
  • Transporting & Dumping eliminated
  • 100% fool proof system of waste handling
  • The plant is constructed underground & hence no space wastage
  • Environment friendly since the process does not generate any polluting liquids or gas
  • 100% adaptable & simple to operate
  • Need no frequent maintenance
  • Biogas produced (6-8 cylinders/ TON) is used for cooking thus saves on fuel cost


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